National Convention

The National Convention of the International Socialists will take place as follows:

Saturday, January 19 to Sunday, January 20

The full agenda and the convention location will be posted soon.

The National Convention is the highest decision-making body of the International Socialists. Branches are entitled to send delegates on a ratio of one delegate per five dues-paying members. Delegates should be elected prior to the National Convention and registered in advance. Of course, all members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Non-delegate members may participate as observers, with full speaking rights.

The suggested registration fee for delegates and observers is $20 (or pay what you can). Ideally, branches should fundraise to pay for their delegates’ registration.

In addition, all members of the International Socialists are expected to contribute to “travel pool,” a collective fund to cover the travel costs of delegates from outside Toronto. The suggested amount for travel pool contributions is one half of your regular monthly dues, or pay what you can.

Registration fees and travel pool may be paid at the registration table at the National Convention. Cash or cheques only, please.


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